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INC Markets Edition


Compugen was worth the wait

Compugen shows life sciences companies that invest heavily in science can achieve a breakthrough, even after the capital market has given up...

Opko Health acquires Prolor for $480m

Opko will pay a 30% premium on Prolor, which develops longer-lasting proprietary versions of already-approved therapeutic proteins....

Babylon teams with Yahoo!

The two companies will share revenue from Internet and mobile advertising under the four-year cooperation agreement....

Leumi backs down on Dankner debt

Following a public outcry, the bank has decided not to proceed with a NIS 150 million write-down of its loan to Dankner's Ganden....

High prices, low availability

The price of real estate rose from a national average of NIS 640,000 for an apartment in 2000 to NIS 1.1 million in June of this year....

The going rates

A survey commissioned by Merkaz Habnia Ha’Israeli revealed that the average price of real estate rose by upwards of 40 percent in the past...

Meitav: Housing market set to cool down

Investment house chief economist says tremendous increase in building starts and finishes is sign that real estate prices will decrease....

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