Pro-Palestinian student demonstrators arrested in Australia for flag burning

SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) – A group of student demonstrators was arrested in Melbourne after burning an Australian and an Israeli flag in protest at Israel’s invasion of Gaza. Police intervened Wednesday as protesters gathered inside the foyer of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, local media reported. They arrested about 10 students, who face charges of criminal damage and theft of the Australian flag, according to reports. Earlier, some demonstrators reportedly chained themselves inside the Passport Office before the protest moved into the foyer. “The storming of a governmen read more





Making peace with a surfboard

Nitzan Solan, surfer girl for peace. It was the first Sunday morning in July, and Nitzan Solan wasn’t going to let the recently inflamed conflict between Israel and the Hamas in Gaza get to her. She was determined to go surfing with her younger Arab buddies in Zarka. This is a tiny Arab fishing village along the northern Israeli coast –– a place that many people in Israel would be reluctant to visit even in quieter times. For Solan, 32, Zarka (“blue” in Arabic) is one of her prime spots for surfing, a sport she’s been doing for more than nine years, and more that half of that time read more

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