How do you say “chickenshit” in Hebrew?

Israeli papers reporting Obama administration comments had to settle on something less evocative than “chickenshit.”(Andrei Niemimäki/Wikimedia Commons) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confronted quite a challenge when the Atlantic’s Jeff Goldberg quoted Obama administration officials calling him a “chickenshit.” Israeli reporters, in turn, faced their own challenge: How to translate “chickenshit” into Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is rich with phrases alluding to the Bible and rabbinic literature. Swear words, not so much. A 2004 song by Israeli hi read more



Startup Funding for Q3 in Israel Tops $701 Million Despite Summer War – TheTower.org

TheTower.orgStartup Funding for Q3 in Israel Tops $701 Million Despite Summer WarTheTower.orgThe Israeli tech website Geektime reported yesterday that despite Hamas' rocket war against Israel this past summer, funding for Israeli startups remains strong. Geektime interviewed Koby Simana, CEO of IVC Research Center, to provide some perspective ... read more



Jerusalem Forest

The Jerusalem Forest is one of the capital city’s most famous urban wildlife sites. Located in the Judean hills to the west of Jerusalem, this pine forest was planted around the city during the 1950s by the Jewish National Fund. At its largest, it extended over 4 square kilometers. Today, due to urbanization it covers only about 1.2 sq kilometers and — although plagued by frequent forest fires — still functions as a wildlife refuge for migratory birds, porcupines, hedgehogs and packs of jackals. Photographer Yaakov Israel, who is one of the last field camera operators in Isr read more

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