Australian store denies service to Israelis

SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) — A retailer in the Australian North Queensland city of Cairns displayed a sign in its window saying that it does not serve Israelis. Israeli tourist Mohr Wenger posted a photo of the sign in the window reading “No Israelis served here” on Facebook. Wenger wrote in her post that she and a friend with whom she was traveling around Australia entered a body piercing store to have their noses pierced only to be told by the owner that he would not serve them since they were from Israel. The owner of the Cold Steel Piercing store told the women that “ read more


Shekel continues to weaken

FXCM Israel: The Bank of Israel's interventions in foreign exchange trading are part of a fierce war against speculators....


Israeli Ticketing Startup TopTix Sold for $56 Million – Haaretz

HaaretzIsraeli Ticketing Startup TopTix Sold for $56 MillionHaaretzTopTix, an Israeli software company that develops ticketing applications for the entertainment industry, has been sold to U.S. startup SeatGeek for $56 million. The purchase price includes the company's Israeli development center in Carmiel and its six ... read more


Taba Crossing reopens

Government reopens Israel-Sinai border, warns Israelis threat of terror is 'still very severe.'...


First new Samaria locale in 20 years for Amona evacuees

March 31, 2017, 8:32 AM (IDT) The Israeli security cabinet Thursday night assigned a new ocation near Shilo in Samaria for the re-housing of the 40 families forcibly evacuated from their homes and farms in Amona earlier this month. The High Court ordered their homes demolished after finding they had been established some years ago on privately-owned Palestinian land.  The Amona families will be given homes in the first new settlement the government has approved in Judea and Samaria in more than two decades, as promised by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Today, 140 Jewish comm read more

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