Ethiopian-Israeli soldier beaten by officers sues Israel Police

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Ethiopian-Israeli soldier whose beating by police officers sparked violent protests has filed a lawsuit against the Israel Police. Damas Pakada filed the approximately $100,000 lawsuit on Tuesday with the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, according to reports. The lawsuit accused the police of “institutionalized racism and violence.” The beating captured on video took place in late April in an empty lot while Pakada was in uniform. A May 2 demonstration against racism and police brutality which drew thousands of protesters degenerated into violence, which p read more



Hackers meet their match

Image via Shutterstock.com Have you ever noticed that when you are visiting your bank’s website or checking out at an ecommerce site, the cursor inexplicably vanishes and you have to move your mouse to get it back? This “trick” is part of how an award-winning Israeli fraud-busting startup is keeping users safe online. BioCatch calls the missing cursor maneuver and similar techniques it employs “behavioral biometrics.” Biometrics is usually associated with unique identifying information such as a fingerprint, iris scan or DNA. But the way one behaves online is also unique. In the cur read more

12 top ad-tech companies in Israel

The ClicksMob crew in Tel Aviv provides a platform for advertisers and publishers to buy and deliver mobile traffic. Until not long ago, adv...



Postcard from Israel: Farmers Market at the Tel Aviv Port

The Tel Aviv Port is a beautiful place for strolling, biking, people-watching, relaxing in a café or watching the bobbing boats. The port also hosts a farmers market (Shuk Hanamal) where you can purchase the freshest farm produce, cheeses, olives, meats, breads and baked goods as well as ready-to-eat treats such as ice pops on hot summer days. Click here to see what’s on offer at the port marketplace. Music by Fabian Measures. read more

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