Genealogy startup aims to log all 200000 gravestones in Israel’s largest cemetery – Haaretz

Genealogy startup aims to log all 200000 gravestones in Israel's largest cemeteryHaaretzThe documentation project was initiated, organized and funded by the Israeli genealogy startup MyHeritage. Gilad Japhet , 45, a technology professional and history buff, founded the company in 2003. Japhet is the Jerusalem-born son of 2004 Israel Prize ... read more

TiE to take start-ups to Silicon Valley

Seeing is believing. The best way to teach Indian start-ups on how to think the way a Silicon Valley peer thinks is to show the Mecca of all...

Top 12 disruptive technologies to watch in 2015

  Image via Shutterstock Space-tech, cyber-tech,  clean-tech, agro-tech,  biotech,  wearable tech, high-tech  – ISRAEL21c report...

10 security start-ups to watch

Security start-ups arise because they have fresh approaches to fighting malware and cyber-espionage or combatting the insider threat through...



The garden that climbs walls and feeds you

A GreenWall installation in Israel.   Israeli gardening prophet Guy Barness sees two ways that people will grow food in the not-so-distant future: “Outside the cities at big farms like they do today, and the other way, which is not so common right now, will be urban agriculture, in cities. “There won’t be a lot of places in the city to grow food, so people will do it on walls everywhere to save space,” Barness, the founder and director of GreenWall, tells ISRAEL21c. GreenWall, founded in 2009 in Ramot Hashovim, builds gravity-defying vertical gardens that climb walls in or outsi read more

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