Israel’s hairy high-tech fairies

Some kids dream of tooth fairies. App developers would probably prefer an app fairy –– one that shows how their apps are functioning on thousands of Android-enabled devices around the world.Well, a couple of app fairies from Israel are coming to save the day. These Middle Eastern men may be hairier than what one would expect in a fairy, but their aim is to make dreams come true. With TestFairy , they hope to make fairy-tale endings for both startup and established app makers.According to CEO Yair Bar-On, “TestFairy helps Android developers do better testing. When you test your app with t read more



Archaeologists uncover impressive Byzantine Monastery in Negev

Thanks to plans for a new highway in the Northern Negev area, an Israel Antiquities Authority salvage excavation has uncovered an impressive monastery dating to the Byzantine period. The structure, measuring 20 × 35 meters, is divided into halls built along an east–west axis. Mosaic carpet in Byzantine Monastery near Hura. (Photograph: Assaf Peretz, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities) Authority “It seems that this monastery, located near the Byzantine settlement of Horbat Hur, is one monastery in a series of monasteries situated alongside a road that linked Transjordan with the Be’er S read more

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