Teaneck shul taking steps to rein in Rabbi Pruzanksy

NEW YORK (JTA) – The board of directors of Rabbi Steven Pruzansky’s Teaneck synagogue is taking steps to oversee the rabbi’s controversial blog and tighten shul security. In a letter sent to congregants on Friday, the board of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun said Pruzansky had agreed to submit his writings to editors prior to publication and that the process would be reviewed periodically by the synagogue board. The shul also said security patrols by Teaneck police have increased in recent days to ensure the safety of the synagogue, its members, and Pruzansky and his family. The letter was sp read more



Which of these 12 hot apps will you download?

Image via Shutterstock.com. Made-in-Israel mobile applications have been changing radically how we get from one place to another (Waze, Get...


Stabbing by Arab Woman Thwarted in Hevron

Attack on soldier at Cave of Machpelah stopped, after heavily armed terror cell in northern Samaria nabbed overnight by hareidi brigade....


Scientists complete first-ever genome sequence of centipede

Strigamia maritima centipede reveals how life evolved on our planet. An international collaboration of scientists including Prof. Ariel Chipman at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has completed the first genome sequence of a myriapod – a scary venomous centipede – that gives new insight into how life developed on our planet. Over 100 researchers from 12 countries took part in the project. Centipedes are members of the arthropods, a group with numerous species including insects, spiders and other animals. Until now, the only class of arthropods not represented by a sequenced genome was t read more

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